Bodily Distress Syndrome (BDS) as a new research concept for adolescents with functional somatic symptoms

Author: Elske Hogendoorn. Functional somatic symptoms are physical symptoms that cannot be fully attributed to a biomedical cause and may arise in the absence or presence of a chronic medical disease. Persistent functional somatic symptoms occur in various medical domains and are given a variety of diagnostic classifications, such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome or […]

Death anxiety as a potential cause or consequence of PSS

Mortality awareness makes us vulnerable and can lead to a number of psychological defences. Fear of death can be simultaneously conscious and unconscious within the same person. Ten per cent of the general population has an above-average fear of dying and four per cent experiences severe fear of death. Despite these numbers, primary death anxiety has not yet been considered as a leading cause in the development of psychological disorders; the bulk of the literature on the subject has been philosophical and psychological in nature. Clinical research into the association between death anxiety and other symptoms or diseases is scarce and has mainly focused on terminally ill patients. Several years ago, a review was published describing the role of death anxiety in the development of disorders like anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsiveness (Iverach e.a., 2014).

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